Public ceremony scheduled for Gov. Hickenlooper to sign Civil Unions bill

Pen makes signatureAt long last, civil unions are going to be signed into law. On Thursday, March 21 2013, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will sign the bill making civil unions legal in the state of Colorado. The 39-26 vote was a cause for rejoicing for state Democrats, and a source of contention for Republicans. The primary reason for the opposition’s stance centers on how civil unions and religion interact. Which raises the question; what ever happened to separation of church and state in politics?

Republicans protested the bill because it does not offer religious exemptions which they say will cause the issue to wind up in court. Still, Republicans who came out in favor of the bill say voting in favor was not just good politics, but good for people.

“What this bill is about is personal freedom and individual liberties,” said Cheri Gerou, R-Evergreen, one of two Republicans supporting Senate Bill 11. “This is a good conservative bill.”

The long fought battle is particularly sweet for two lawmakers; State Senator Pat Steadman and Speaker of the State House of Representatives Mark Ferrandino. The two have been on the front lines of the issue since the beginning, and both felt the sting of defeat at the end of session last year. In that vote, then House Speaker Frank McNulty mired the bill in bureaucratic red tape causing it to die before a complete vote could be held. But this time, it was Democrats who had the last word, inspiring Senator Steadman to take to the Twitter-sphere with a poem he wrote in honor of the momentous occasion.

“11 is a prime number. Eleven is a lovely word.  It’s binary; a pair of ones. It’s two like things, bound together, to make a whole of ones.”

So, when Governor Hickenlooper puts pen to paper this week, he will not only be changing the lives of countless men and women in this state. He will also be striking a blow for all those who fought so hard on the front lines for equality under the law for all Coloradans  Representative Ferrandino summed it up best when asked what the vote meant to the state;

“This bill is about three simple things,” Ferrandino said. “It’s about love, it’s about family, and it’s about equality under the law.”

Governor Hickenlooper is slated to sign the bill this Thursday, March 21st in a public ceremony to be held at the Historic Colorado Center. Scheduled for 3:00pm, we will keep you posted as to any updates in this auspicious event.


Jeanne Manford, Founder of PFLAG, dead at 92


Jeanne Manford and her son, Morty, in the Christopher Street Liberation Day parade.

For many, a world without PFLAG, the acronym for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, would be a very different world indeed. But if you ask many about the origins of the organization, you would be met with a blank stare. Sadly, the woman behind PFLAG’s existence has passed away at the age of 92.

Jeanne Manford’s passion for the civil rights of the GLBT community stemmed from the 1972 attack on her son, Morty. Morty survived the beating, but the event itself lit a fire in his mother that was not easily extinguished. From that moment on, Mrs. Manford, and elementary school teacher, felt it was her mission to build “a bridge between the gay community and the heterosexual community”.

Learn more about Jeanne Manford, and the legacy that is PFLAG here.


National Coming Out Day…remember you are worthy!

National Coming Out Day means a lot of things to a lot of people. And don’t get me wrong; I think it’s great that there is a day set aside as a day folks can stand up and finally be true to who they really are. For those of us who have made the choice to “come out,” it has to be one of the most courageous statements we can make in life. However, once we have chosen to emerge from our closets, the real work begins. The struggle to come out was hard, but often times the aftermath can seem much harder. Cliché as it may sound, the words are true; it does get better.

I was lucky. When I came out to my mom, she couldn’t have been more gracious and understanding. “Sweetheart, I knew that when you were eight,” was her only reply (I wish she had informed me of this little factoid a bit sooner, but I digress). That, and her sincere wish that I just be careful, take care of myself, and remember that I was worthy of love. That’s one of the components to our coming out process that we often forget; that we are worthy.

A fair cross-section of society would love to see us go back into the closet, and would gladly wield the hammer to nail the door shut. But the tide is changing slowly. There is more and more support from the “other side.” Still, in this election year, the cause of same-sex couples has been a topic up for discussion, but not a front burner issue. Why? Are we still considered “too hot to handle” in the volatility of today’s political arena? President Barack Obama, no pun intended, came out (finally) as an open supporter to the plight of gay marriage in this country. On the other side of the political coin, Presidential contender Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan have campaigned to their conservative base a vow to add a ban on same-sex marriage to the U.S. Constitution. I think it’s safe to say that Msrs. Romney and Ryan are not celebrating this National Coming Out Day.

Our sexuality is such a minimal part of what makes up our humanity. And isn’t that our most important attribute; our humanity?  We are all here to love and be loved; regardless of the sex of the other person. And often when individuals come out, they forget that they are worthy of receiving love. Do not forget you are worthy….NEVER forget you are worthy. And if you have any religious stumbling blocks, keep in mind that God doesn’t make junk. Like my mom said all those years ago, we are all worthy of love. Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, queer…it doesn’t matter. We all deserve to love and be loved in return. Wait…there’s a song in that last line, I am sure of it…

So remember, not just today but every day, to love one another regardless of their sexuality. And if you are making the choice to come out today, welcome! You are already loved!

Here, courtesy of the Huffington Post, are some groundbreaking celebs that have made the choice to come out in the public eye. If they can do it, you can do it. As always we welcome your thoughts. Happy Coming Out!

Ann Coulter does it again…she opens her mouth

It might truly be time fo Ann Coulter to check in for observation…

File this under the heading of cray-cray crazy. Conservative political pundit Ann Coulter has opened her trap and stuck not only her foot, but both arms and the cushions from a leather sofa in her mouth. In an interview on this past Sunday’s ABC “This Week” program, clueless Coulter, who was hawking her latest “book” (clearly written in crayon or while on medication), proclaimed that the quest for civil rights should only pertain to “the blacks.” Yes, you read that right…

Host George Stephanopoulos seemed genuinely perplexed by Coulter’s statements, but she stood her ground. In her opinion “various groups [including] gay rights groups, those defending immigrants, and feminists have commandeered the black civil rights experience.” Wait, it gets better…she then offered her own version of a history lesson by stating that “civil rights are for blacks” solely because of the U.S.’s “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws.”

Further seeding her dark cloud of hate, Coulter further pontificated that the U.S. owes no debt to anyone other than black Americans.

“We don’t owe the homeless,” said Coulter. “We don’t owe feminists. We don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions, or gays who want to get married to one another.”

Stephanopoulos then countered by asking whether immigrant rights were not civil rights. Coulter’s response was succinct; “civil rights are for blacks.”

Anna banana took her final bow by asking “what have we done to the immigrants? We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery. Immigrants haven’t even been in this country.”

No word as to whether her comments extended to immigrants that landed at Ellis Island in the last century. View Ann’s rant by clicking the link here. What do you think of her statements? Weigh in with your comments.

British phenom Adele in negotiations for clothing line with luxe retailer Burberry

British pop superstar Adele

If the rumors are correct, British songstress Adele will soon have a new gig as the creative force behind a new line of clothing to sing about. It seems the 24 year-old pop star is in negotiations with luxury line Burberry to design a line of plus-size clothing. According to sources close to the company, Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey has been actively courting the singer for some time to collaborate on the project. The retailer feels that now is the perfect time to join forces with the “Rolling in the Deep” singer on a line designed for the more “voluptuous” woman.

While there has been no official word on an agreement being reached, fashion insiders say there is a better than average chance that the deal will be inked soon. Neither Adele, who is awaiting the birth of her first child sometime this month, nor Burberry was willing to confirm the rumor.

What do you think of Adele as an icon of style? Would the match be a good one? Weigh in with your opinion in our comments.

NY photographer Leland Bobbé shares the flip side of female illusionist

A sample of the work by Leland Bobbé

There’s an old saying that states “a little powder and paint will make a woman what she ain’t.” But for those skilled in the art of female impersonation, that skill must be expanded to create an illusion that shocks and surprises their audience. One of the premier cities for female impersonation, New York City, is home to some of the most “beautiful” drag queens in the world. And now, thanks to renowned photographer Leland Bobbé, has taken a single photograph from his blog, and expanded it into a series of images showing some amazing transformations that must be seen to be believed.

What’s most amazing about the images is that they are not shot as single images, as they appear to be. The photographer has taken two separate images and combined them to create these astounding images.

Follow the link to see a gallery of images from Bobbé’s work that have been featured in Italian Vogue and Refinery 29, just to name a few.

What are your thoughts on the images? We welcome your comments.

This week: a great week for the “L” of GLBT community, tough for others

One says she was, one won’t say she is, and one is proud to be!
Anderson, Rodriguez and Paone

It’s been a wacky week in the land of gay this week! From Chick-Fil-A and their “Customer Appreciation Day,” to the big gay “Kiss-in” the following day, it’s been a week to remember. But chin up; lesbians had a great week! Gillian Anderson of “X Files” fame announced a past relationship with a woman…posthumously. “Bisexual” actress Michele Rodriguez added more ammo to the cannon pointed at her by trying to “shake off” some of the gay innuendo about her. And comedienne Nicol Paone embraces her inner bisexual (and a particular fondness for boobs!) in a new interview. Read more by clicking this link, and enjoy!