Anna Gristina pleads guilty to single count in resolution of the “Millionaire Madam” debacle

Anna Gristina leaving court after pleading guilty to a single count

In a not so surprising turn of events, accused “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina, had plead guilty to a single count of promoting prostitution. The self-proclaimed “soccer mom” said she was “relieved” and “stunned” after the proceedings, after which she will be sentenced in November. Her expected sentence will consist of five years probation, plus the four months of time served while she was incarcerated in Rikers Island for women.

According to a prosecutor not affiliated with the case, he suspects that the prosecution is left feeling “disappointed if not embarrassed” by the results of the case. Originally, prosecutors were hoping to bring more charges against the homemaker. But slowly their case began to dissolve; mainly due to an inability to locate the millions of dollars Gristina allegedly earned during her time as a “matchmaker.” You may recall that the family resorted to internet donations to raise the money to cover Gristina’s bail, which was reduced from $2 million to $250,000. She was released in June.

Gristina’s husband, Kelvin Gorr, who has garnered a great deal of press based more on his looks than anything else, said he was glad to see the resolution of the case.

“I’m very pleased with the decision,” said Gorr. “I’m not gonna go to Disney World, but I’m still very happy.”

One individual in the proceedings who was not happy was the judge presiding over the proceedings. Gristina and Gorr had with them in attendance one of their children; a factor that the judge admonished Gristina for.

“I am not happy that Ms. Gristina’s young child is in the courtroom today,” the judge said. “It’s not appropriate. I don’t see the purpose in it. I don’t see the benefits in exposing him to this.”

The judge also reminded Gristina that while this portion of her legal troubles had been resolved, she may still be subject to deportation proceedings to her native Scotland.

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“Millionaire Madam” planning family exodus to UK after trial is over

Kelvin Gorr and his wife “Millionaire Madam” suspect Anna Gristina

Recently released “Millionaire Madam” suspect Anna Gristina said earlier this week that she is contemplating a move to the United Kingdom once her trail is over. Gristina, who allegedly ran a high-priced escort service out of her NYC apartment, is suspected of earning more tha $9 million from the enterprise. Gristina’s moving plans are of course contingent on her being able to beat the charges again her, when the case goes to trial. Her next court appearance is scheduled for August 16th.

Gristina has made headlines throughout her ordeal incarceration; from her original bail being set at more than $1 million dollars, to playing musical chairs with her defense team. With her throughout the entire ordeal is Gristina’s husband, hirsute NY real estate exec Kelvin Gorr. In late June, Gristina was granted her freedom after posting $250,000 bond. Prior to her release, she has been quite vocal about the US judicial system, which is the main reason she is contemplating the move.

“Justice in America is so arbitrary that prosecutors could ‘put a ham sandwich in jail’ if they wanted,” according to Gristina.

Gristina emigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland at the age of 16. When asked if she would return to her homeland upon the trial ending, she seemed to be leaning to a more metropolitan area.

“I think I would go more towards London [than Scotland],” says Gristina.

In addition, the family would love to have their move be documented in the form of a reality show, showcasing their move from the US to the UK. Read more on this story by following this link.

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“Millionaire Madam’s” release eminent…it would seem

An update to the continuing saga of New York’s “Millionaire Madam” seems to be in a holding pattern. Granted a reduction to her bail, Anna Gristina the accused madam, had stated that she would prefer to raise the funds required to meet the $250,000 bail. The problem is, she has been unable to do so since grated the reduction a week or so ago.Gristina’s in-laws were said to be ready to offer up some property on her behalf, according to Gristina’s stalwart spouse, Kelvin Gorr, but those plans have been put on hold.

Anna Gristina’s hunsband, Kelvin Gorr

Gristina had hoped to be released in time to attend her eldest son, 18 yea-old Stefano’s, high school graduation, but that was not to be. The couples younger child has also been diagnosed with a mild heart murmur since his mother’s incarceration.

If all goes well, the family hopes to have their mother home by the end of the week…but there can be no guarantees of anything when it comes to this case. Read more on this latest development here…

Is the “Millionaire Madam” about to see daylight again?

After 4 months of complaining about the deplorable conditions under which she must live, accused “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina is closer to freedom…she hopes. The NY state appeals court ruled to lower Gristina’s bail from $2 million dollars, to a $250,000 bond, or $125,000 cash bond. Things seemed to be looking up for the alleged madam and self-proclaimed “soccer mom,” even her family attorney, Peter Gleason, offered his $2.5 million Tribeca condo to secure the bond. But Gristina refused, stating that her family would prefer to raise the fund themselves.

“Much that she appreciated the generosity of Mr. Gleason’s offer, she does not want to be released on that bond package,” said Gristina’s defense attorney, Norm Pattis, to the court during a brief hearing. “She wants her family to secure the package.”

As you may recall, some time ago there was an online fund established on her behalf to help raise Gristina’s bond. The donations, coming from the naïve and ill-informed throngs of fans and well-wishers may soon be enough, according to Pattis, who expects his client to be released any day now.

Conditional upon her release would be the requirement that Gristina wear an ankle monitoring device that would cost between $10-$15 per day to operate.

In a recent interview on NBC’s “Today Show,” Gristina talks about the day of her arrest back in February, and how the entire event seemed to be a mistake.

“I thought I was being abducted because they didn’t look like police,” said Gristina. “I screamed on the street for people to please call 911 because I had no idea. You know, I’m walking down the street, and I’m being pulled off the street.”

A month ago, Gristina’s hirsute husband, Kelvin Gorr on “Anderson” on the syndicated show “Anderson,” explaining that his wife was not the madam the press portrays her to be, rather a savvy businesswoman who was running a legitimate dating service in her spare time.

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NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” really rips from the headlines for recent season finale

In a true “borrowed from the headlines” scenario, NBC stalwart “Law & Order: SVU” has taken not one but two recent stories to end their season on television. One story line involves the death of an underage prostitute during a bachelor party for the police chief’s journalist son. The second story line involves a prostitution ring run by a madam who bears a striking resemblance to a certain NYC madam making news as well.

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“Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina raises judges ire, while family hits the web to raise money for her release

The saga of alleged “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina continues, and according to the judge in her case, the merry-go-round should stop soon. In an apparent attempt to further thwart the trial proceedings, Ms. Gristina has requested yet another change to her legal team. By the judge in her upcoming trials assessment, this many changes are “exceptional by any standard.”

“This is your trial team,” says Judge Juan Merchan. “If you seek to substitute counsel, if you see to fire counsel the court will have to take a really hard look at that.” Judge Merchan also stated that he would look “dimly upon any further attempt to change her team.”

This comes on the heels of Ms. Gristina’s request to add newbie attorney Daniel Geller to her legal team. Geller, son of the famed self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller, has only been licensed to practice law inNew York since March, and of late has been working as an intern in the King’s County district attorney’s office. With no direct relation to the case, and citing his lack of experience, the judge denied Gristina’s request to add Geller to her legal team.

In a related development, Ms. Gristina’s family and friends have taken to the web, launching a web site to help collect and raise funds to cover her $2 million bond. According to the site, the conditions under which Ms. Gristina is forced to live while being held at Rikers Island are described as “squalid” Claims of being kept in solitary confinement, rats, roaches, temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and being forced to wear nothing more than a t-shirt and diaper are just some of the claims from Gristina’s camp; claims that according to Sharman Stein, a representative for the Department of Corrections denies.

“This is not solitary confinement,” Stein said. “It is not punishment. It is protective custody, a single-cell housing, as is true for many other inmates in the system and for all high-profile inmates. All of the (other) allegations that are being made are untrue.”

Peter Gleason, a member of Gristina’s legal team, recently attempted to put his client’s Tribeca apartment up as security for bail. The attempt was unsuccessful. Now, Gristina must sit and wait while her legal team strategizes, and her family waits.

“The children are distraught,” says Gristina’s husband, Kelvin Gorr. In a recent interview with The New York Post, the hirsute Gorr stated, “there’s Mother’s Day, the prom, graduation. She should be out. These are once-in-a-lifetime things that she’s missing because of an unjust bail. I started the Web site in hopes of raising enough capital to get my wife out of jail.”

Anna Gristina’s next court date is in July 2012.

NYC’s “Millionaire Madam” earns Manhattan cop new $100k job

Sgt. Richard Wall, a Manhattan officer who was wrongly linked to the case against Manhattan madame Anna Gristina, has been rewarded the ultimate gift for his pain an suffering. Follow the link to learn more about the new position that “earned” the officer a $100,000 pay raise  in the wake of his involvement in the case.

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