Not a great week for LGBT community in the news…

It was a whirlwind week for the LGBT community this week. A shooting of two teenage lesbian women in Texas, the banning of a children’s book discussing same-sex relationships, and NY Knick player Amar’s Stoudemire firing back at a critic with a gay slur. Chuck Norris is roundhouse kicking the BSA for gays in the scouts, and One Million Moms is taking aim and Oreo- cookies for support of gay pride. Just when you thought it was a good week after the Supreme Court upholding President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill, right?

Courtesy of Huffington Post, here are those stories, and a few more, from the 13 worst anti-LGBT stories of the past week. We won’t say enjoy them, because they shouldn’t be enjoyable; if you find them as such, then find another blog to read. Consider them…a cautionary tale.


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