Greek soccer player banned for life for Nazi salute


Greek soccer Player Giorgos Katidis

As difficult as it is to believe, racism still exists in the world. Even in places you wouldn’t believe so. Such is the case of Greece, and particularly of a Greek soccer player who has been banned for life for displaying a Nazi salute after scoring a goal during a match.

Player Giorgos Katidis was banned for life by the Greek Soccer Federation after scoring the game winning goal between his AEK Athens team and Veria. The 20-year old midfielder scored the goal bringing the score to 2-1. But it was his gesture of a Nazi salute that overshadowed his game winning goal, and got the player banned from the game for life.

Greece’s soccer federation said Sunday in a statement that Katidis’ gesture “is a deep insult to all victims of Nazi brutality.”

In his defense, Katidis took to the Twitter-sphere and claimed that he was unaware of the implications his gesture represented. Since making that statement, his Twitter account has been removed from the site.

Learn more about the incident here. What are your thoughts on Katidis’ gesture, and the Greek soccer federation’s response to it? Weigh in with your comments.



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