Anna Gristina pleads guilty to single count in resolution of the “Millionaire Madam” debacle

Anna Gristina leaving court after pleading guilty to a single count

In a not so surprising turn of events, accused “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina, had plead guilty to a single count of promoting prostitution. The self-proclaimed “soccer mom” said she was “relieved” and “stunned” after the proceedings, after which she will be sentenced in November. Her expected sentence will consist of five years probation, plus the four months of time served while she was incarcerated in Rikers Island for women.

According to a prosecutor not affiliated with the case, he suspects that the prosecution is left feeling “disappointed if not embarrassed” by the results of the case. Originally, prosecutors were hoping to bring more charges against the homemaker. But slowly their case began to dissolve; mainly due to an inability to locate the millions of dollars Gristina allegedly earned during her time as a “matchmaker.” You may recall that the family resorted to internet donations to raise the money to cover Gristina’s bail, which was reduced from $2 million to $250,000. She was released in June.

Gristina’s husband, Kelvin Gorr, who has garnered a great deal of press based more on his looks than anything else, said he was glad to see the resolution of the case.

“I’m very pleased with the decision,” said Gorr. “I’m not gonna go to Disney World, but I’m still very happy.”

One individual in the proceedings who was not happy was the judge presiding over the proceedings. Gristina and Gorr had with them in attendance one of their children; a factor that the judge admonished Gristina for.

“I am not happy that Ms. Gristina’s young child is in the courtroom today,” the judge said. “It’s not appropriate. I don’t see the purpose in it. I don’t see the benefits in exposing him to this.”

The judge also reminded Gristina that while this portion of her legal troubles had been resolved, she may still be subject to deportation proceedings to her native Scotland.

Now that the case is resolved, we welcome your thoughts on the turn of events. Share your comments with us.



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