Gays deemed un-“Feng Shui” by restaurant for NYC couples reception

On the heels of a couple being discriminated against by Colorado bakery Masterpiece Cakes, word comes from NYC that another couple had their civil rights trampled on by a local restaurant.

Barrett Greene and Thomas Eng were denied the right to hold their wedding reception at NYC eatery Amber Village. In spite of paying their $750.00 deposit for use of the space for their reception, the couple’s plans were dashed when the restaurant reneged on the offer on the basis of “large groups of gays are bad Feng Shui.”

The most ironic part of the story is the restaurant’s location; Christopher Street in the heart of the west village area of NYC. Historically, the gay rights movement was born on this street, courtesy of the Stonewall Bar and subsequent riots that put the movement into motion. Now another battle looms on the horizon; Greene and Eng are filing a lawsuit against the establishment.

What do you think of the restaurant and their actions? Leave your thoughts in our comments section.


2 responses to “Gays deemed un-“Feng Shui” by restaurant for NYC couples reception

  1. As a former New Yorker, I’m acutely aware of Amber Village and it’s location. Seems odd, (yet darkly-amusing) considering the restaurant’s very location gives credence to large groups of gays being GOOD Feng Shui – especially if you find the West Village charming, which many people – both straight and gay certainly do. Hmmm. Amber Village must be at odds with their shadow self and definitely at odds with the feeling, vibe and general character of that fantastic and historic neighborhood. Bottom line…bad and short-sighted move. Never, NEVER alienate your any audience…especially when they choose to celebrate a life event at your eatery. Bravo gents. May you prevail on your lawsuit and hopefully, you enjoyed better and certainly more, “Feng Shui” festivities at another locale. They don’t deserve you.

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