US Bronze Medal winning rower want to set the record straight on his “excitement” level over Olympic win

U.S. rower Henrik Rummel, his teammates and his “lil’ friend” on the medals podium at the Olympic games

Typically in this blog, we try to steer clear from pandering to the lowest common denominator, and posting salacious tidbits. Typically we do this…but this one was too good to keep. Before you choose you enlarge the photo to the left for a better reference, you may want to close your office door, or shoo the kids from the room. This is definitely an “adults only” post, and should be treated as such.

When U.S. rower Henrik Rummel and his teammates realized that they had won a bronze medal in the Olympic games, one can only imagine the excitement. But when Rummel and his teammates; Glenn Ochal, Charles Cole, and Scott Gault took to the podium for the medal ceremony, the press took notice of his “extra” excitement over the moment. Upon seeing the photo, Rummel was quick to take to the Twitter-sphere to clear up the question of his “enthusiasm” over their team win.

“This is me and I swear it’s not erect,” Rummel said in his post. “I don’t know why it ended up in this position, but there you go.”

While many news outlets chose to show a more edited version of the photo, many chose to let the photo run “as is.” Judging from how snug the U.S. rowers’ uniforms are, the imagination is not really left much to ponder.

What do you think of the photo? Share in our comments section below.


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