Couple denied service by Colorado bakery and its owner, on basis of sexual orientation

A wedding cake was denied to a couple…fair or unfair?

A wedding is a joyous occasion. Choosing the venue, the invitations, the wardrobe, the reception, all this is part of the fun in planning such a momentous event. But for a Denver couple, their planning was indelibly marked with the stain of homophobia.

Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins, a same-sex couple, were recently denied service by a local bakery on the basis of their sexual orientation. Masterpiece Cakeshop, and its owner Jack Phillips, told the couple that his business doesn’t support same-sex marriage. According to local newspaper Westword, when asked for a comment on the accusations, an unidentified employee of Masterpiece Cakeshop would only comment “We have nothing to say about that.” When pressed, the employee stated “We don’t want to talk about that, so you’ll just have to make something up.”

Craig and Mullins, who are planning their ceremony for the September, opted to take their business to the “gayest bakery they could find.” Still, the couple can’t help but be troubled by the bakery and its owner’s reaction to their request.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been refused service at a business because I was gay,” Mullins told another media outlet.  “I want (bakery owner Phillips) to know that what he did hurt us. All we wanted was a cake. We didn’t want him to put on a rainbow shirt and march in the gay pride parade.”

Since the story broke last week, the bakery has slammed via social media with negative posts to their Yelp! account, and an entire Facebook page devoted to calling a boycott of the bakery.

What do you think of the actions of the bakery? Weigh in with your opinion in our comments.


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