As victims of movie theater shooting deal with their grief, Evangelicals play the “blame game” as to responsibility

Evangelicals blame media, Hollywood for movie theater shootings

The shootings in Aurora Colorado this past week were horrific. There is no question about that…so much is reminiscent of the Columbine High School shootings. And whenever such an event occurs, it is only fair to assume that many, victims and those in the community, will turn to their faith for strength and support. But a recent story has shined an unbelievable light on the Evangelical movement that may have many thinking twice.

Jerry Newcombe, a spokesperson for the Evangelical group “Truth in Action Ministries, “said in a radio interview that blame for tragedy of the Aurora shooting should be placed on “the nation’s loss of fear of God and hell.” Newcombe also went as far as to claim that the non-Christian victims were not going to heaven, but rather to hell.

“If a Christian dies early, if a Christian dies young, it seems tragic,” Newcombe said. “But really it is not tragic because they are going to a wonderful place… on the other hand, if a person doesn’t know Jesus Christ… if they knowingly rejected Jesus Christ, then, basically, they are going to a terrible place.”

The radio show Newcombe made his comments to is called “AFA Today,” a conservative Christian program hosted by American Family Association director Fred Johnson, who also weighed in on the topic during the program. In Johnson’s opinion, blame for the shooting can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Hollywood films, the liberal media, and churches that do not follow similar Evangelical practices.

“I have to think that all of this, whether it’s the Hollywood movies, whether it’s what we see on the internets, whether it’s liberal bias in the media, whether it’s our politicians changing public policy, I think all of those somehow have fit together—and I have to say also churches who are leaving the authority of Scripture and losing their fear of God—all of those things have seem to have come together to give us these kinds of incidents,” Johnson said.

According to the Jackson, Mississippi branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the AFA, based in Tupelo, is on their radar as a “hate group;” primarily because of their demonization of homosexuality.

What do you think of the statements of Newcombe and Johnson? Please leave your comments.


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