Presidential hopeful Romney creating P.R. trouble, rift in GOP by not answering tax return issue

Will Romney continue to divide the GOP with tax return issue?

Ever feel like a pariah at a party with folks you thought were your friends? This might be how GOP candidate for President Mitt Romney might be feeling about now. The reason? His inability to locate those pesky tax records everyone is clamoring for. It would seem that there is some dissension in the GOP camp over the heir apparent; especially over his finances. Nerves are on edge in his home camp, and those on the inside say that the conservative politico is feeling it.

Which raises another question; how far will he go to become Commander & Chief? To release the records might show that his involvement in such enterprises at Bain Capital might have more far-reaching consequences than he has previously disclosed. It also might mean in simpler terms he’s lying.

On the other hand, his denial of any duplicity and continued refusal to release his tax records might continue to draw the proverbial line in the sand within his own party. The GOP has a long reputation of being a party of fat cats and money men – look at the 33 billionaires on Forbes list that have backed him already to the tune of more than $16 million. But is this financial support enough to propel Gov. Romney to the White House in November? Last time we checked, the people still had some say in the election of the President, and the people are not completely buying the tax return evasions.

But back to the subject at hand; the “Grand Old Party” and their lack of faith in Romney. If he currently has any advisers on his pre-election team that are worth their salt, they will tell him once and for all…show your hand! If he truly wants the job he is applying for, he has no alternative. A lie by omission is still a lie, and his silence on the matter speaks volumes. And if the GOP can’t support their #1 candidate, how do they expect the American people to blindly follow the party line as well? This is public relations 101; do the right thing for your client.

Read more about Gov. Romney and the rift his silence is creating in the GOP here. Comments? Please leave yours in our comments section.


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