Kirk Montgomery of 9 News shows his artistic side with photography showing at Sketch Food & Wine

You probably know him best as the darling of the “EBlock” on local TV Station KUSA 9 News. But on the evening of July 10th, Kirk Montgomery showed off more of his artistic side with a debut showing of some of his photographic work at Sketch Food & Wine Restaurant  . “The Photography of Kirk Montgomery,” will adorn walls of the Baker neighborhood eatery throughout the month of July. Sketch is located at 11 W. 1st Avenue in Denver.

For inspiration, Montgomery has chosen to point his camera at a number of Denver sights and landmarks, creating a body of work that  is best described at “gritty, urban, abstract, and home.”

“You may know me best for being in front of the camera,” says Montgomery, “but I’ve always loved being behind it as well.”

The opening, with proceeds of the event going to benefit the Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Foundation, was attended by friends and fans alike, and included some of Montgomery’s fellow news personalities such as former 9News reporter turned P.R. maven Heidi McGuire.

To learn more about both the photography of and photographer, Kirk Montgomery, visit his web site.

UPDATE: As this post was launched, we were notified that Sketch Food & Wine Restaurant, its neighboring space El Diablo, and the building that houses both businesses First Avenue Hotel, has been ordered closed. According to a notice posted by Michael Roach, Building Official with Development Services in the Denver Department of Community Planning and Development, the space was closed for the following:

“Continued occupancy of this structure poses an immediate hazard to the life safety of occupants and the public. Per 2011 Denver Building Code (CBC) Sections 104 and 105, the referenced site is ordered immediately vacated. Failure to immediately vacate shall result in further City action.”

The buildings owner, Jesse Morreale, defied the order to allow Kirk Montgomery’s show to go on as scheduled despite notices on the doors of the closure. Subsequently, the closure order at present is unable to remove his work from the premises. He also feels that the news of the closure may be a reason for a lower turn out than expected for the event.

” Last night was a fund-raiser for Firefighters,” says Montgomery. That’s why I was a bit disappointed by the turn out.”

We will continue to follow and update this story as it evolves.


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