“Millionaire Madam” planning family exodus to UK after trial is over

Kelvin Gorr and his wife “Millionaire Madam” suspect Anna Gristina

Recently released “Millionaire Madam” suspect Anna Gristina said earlier this week that she is contemplating a move to the United Kingdom once her trail is over. Gristina, who allegedly ran a high-priced escort service out of her NYC apartment, is suspected of earning more tha $9 million from the enterprise. Gristina’s moving plans are of course contingent on her being able to beat the charges again her, when the case goes to trial. Her next court appearance is scheduled for August 16th.

Gristina has made headlines throughout her ordeal incarceration; from her original bail being set at more than $1 million dollars, to playing musical chairs with her defense team. With her throughout the entire ordeal is Gristina’s husband, hirsute NY real estate exec Kelvin Gorr. In late June, Gristina was granted her freedom after posting $250,000 bond. Prior to her release, she has been quite vocal about the US judicial system, which is the main reason she is contemplating the move.

“Justice in America is so arbitrary that prosecutors could ‘put a ham sandwich in jail’ if they wanted,” according to Gristina.

Gristina emigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland at the age of 16. When asked if she would return to her homeland upon the trial ending, she seemed to be leaning to a more metropolitan area.

“I think I would go more towards London [than Scotland],” says Gristina.

In addition, the family would love to have their move be documented in the form of a reality show, showcasing their move from the US to the UK. Read more on this story by following this link.

What are your thoughts on the Anna Gristina sage? Weigh in with your thoughts in our comments section.


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