Iranian lesbian denied asylum in Germany; authorities doubt danger if she returns

It all began simply enough for Samira Ghorbani Danesh, now 24, with a party. A party with friends, music, laughter…a scene repeated all over the world. But that night her life was about to change forever. Police raided the party of mainly gay and lesbian women in Iran; Samira was able to evade arrest. Rather than face the wrath of the Iranian legal system, she made the difficult choice to leave her friends, family, and her partner behind. After fleeing her homeland to Germany, Samira has been seeking asylum. But German authorities have denied her application, citing that there is no actual proof that her life would be in danger should she be returned to her homeland.

Homosexuality is a punishable offense in Iran; death for men, and 100 lashes for women, with death on the fourth offense. German authorities have some doubt that should Samira return to Iran, that her life would be in danger.

Read more about this incredible story by following this link. And let us know what you think in our comments section.


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