Simplicity: not just a pattern for clothing design

Simplicity is the key in more than clothing design

As any marketing professional can tell you, the toughest part of the job is building your clients brand loyalty. In years past, the most effective approach was to hammer the message home to consumers, and hope upon hope that the message got through, and would resonate in the form of revenue for your client. But in recent years, that process has been thrown out of the window by the ever-growing popularity and versatility of that two-worded juggernaut; social media. But is hitching your wagon to the net the wisest choice for your marketing efforts?

A recent study showed that while 60%-65% of business owners feel social media is their brand-saving superhero, only 25%-30% of consumers agree. In fact, a majority of consumers follow brands via social media in the hopes of receiving some sort of discounted offer; not the best approach for a brands bottom line. Still, social media can and is still a very effective medium for getting the message across about your business. The key is to not beat your target market into submission, rather, to pelt them gently till they acquiesce to your message. Sometimes less is more in many aspects of business, and your marketing message is no exception.

Our friends at have written an excellent overview of how a simpler approach can be the most effective when it comes to getting your message across to your target market. Read more, and let us know what you think.


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