Ann Curry OUT at “Today”

Thanks for warming up the chair for me Ann…now GET OUT!!

As we mentioned earlier in this week, Ann Curry, the popular put-upon of NBC’s “Today” show is out as co-anchor. In a short statement at the end of her portion of the neverending 4-hour gabfest Curry, with her regular grace and dignity, announced her departure.

“For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line but, man, I did try,” she said, breaking down.

Ratings dips, and a thrashing by ABC’s “Good Morning America” were placed squarely at the feet of Curry. Add to that a clear lack of “chemistry” between Curry and her co-anchor, Matt Lauer. Lauer has alledgedly been lobbying behind the scenes for Curry’s ouster.

Curry has said that she will remain with the “Today” show family, with a “fancy new title.” As was speculated, Savannah Guthrie is expected to take over the anchor chair next to Svengali  Lauer.


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