A S.F. homeless man gives a face to the faceless on the streets

The plight of the homeless in the United States is still near epic proportions. According to a study conducted by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, nearly 637,000 people experienced at least one night of homelessness in 2011. A substantial number, but still a slight dip in the study’s findings from 2009 of almost 645,000 people. To simplify, that is 21 in every 10,000 Americans experiencing homelessness.

For many, it ins unimaginable to put a face on homelessness. But one California man has conceived a way to do just that.

Henry Moses Thirkfield, affectionately known as “Mo,” is a homeless man in San Francisco. Armed with a flip phone, Mo has taken to the streets to put a

Henry Moses “Mo” Thirkfield

face on the faceless in the world of the homeless. With no access to a computer, Mo has the assistance of Silicon Valley start-up employee Ryan Hupfer in uploading his video vignettes to the web via YouTube. Hupfer gave Mo the camera to document his day-to-day experience as a homeless man; a process he has repeated more than once.

Read more of this amazing story by following this link.


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