“Millionaire Madam’s” release eminent…it would seem

An update to the continuing saga of New York’s “Millionaire Madam” seems to be in a holding pattern. Granted a reduction to her bail, Anna Gristina the accused madam, had stated that she would prefer to raise the funds required to meet the $250,000 bail. The problem is, she has been unable to do so since grated the reduction a week or so ago.Gristina’s in-laws were said to be ready to offer up some property on her behalf, according to Gristina’s stalwart spouse, Kelvin Gorr, but those plans have been put on hold.

Anna Gristina’s hunsband, Kelvin Gorr

Gristina had hoped to be released in time to attend her eldest son, 18 yea-old Stefano’s, high school graduation, but that was not to be. The couples younger child has also been diagnosed with a mild heart murmur since his mother’s incarceration.

If all goes well, the family hopes to have their mother home by the end of the week…but there can be no guarantees of anything when it comes to this case. Read more on this latest development here…


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