Is the “Millionaire Madam” about to see daylight again?

After 4 months of complaining about the deplorable conditions under which she must live, accused “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina is closer to freedom…she hopes. The NY state appeals court ruled to lower Gristina’s bail from $2 million dollars, to a $250,000 bond, or $125,000 cash bond. Things seemed to be looking up for the alleged madam and self-proclaimed “soccer mom,” even her family attorney, Peter Gleason, offered his $2.5 million Tribeca condo to secure the bond. But Gristina refused, stating that her family would prefer to raise the fund themselves.

“Much that she appreciated the generosity of Mr. Gleason’s offer, she does not want to be released on that bond package,” said Gristina’s defense attorney, Norm Pattis, to the court during a brief hearing. “She wants her family to secure the package.”

As you may recall, some time ago there was an online fund established on her behalf to help raise Gristina’s bond. The donations, coming from the naïve and ill-informed throngs of fans and well-wishers may soon be enough, according to Pattis, who expects his client to be released any day now.

Conditional upon her release would be the requirement that Gristina wear an ankle monitoring device that would cost between $10-$15 per day to operate.

In a recent interview on NBC’s “Today Show,” Gristina talks about the day of her arrest back in February, and how the entire event seemed to be a mistake.

“I thought I was being abducted because they didn’t look like police,” said Gristina. “I screamed on the street for people to please call 911 because I had no idea. You know, I’m walking down the street, and I’m being pulled off the street.”

A month ago, Gristina’s hirsute husband, Kelvin Gorr on “Anderson” on the syndicated show “Anderson,” explaining that his wife was not the madam the press portrays her to be, rather a savvy businesswoman who was running a legitimate dating service in her spare time.

What are your thoughts on the latest developments in the “Millionaire Madam” saga? We welcome your comments, so please share.


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