NFL Player opens up about the NFL culture and homosexuality

Is the NFL ready for an openly gay player?

If you believe the equation is true, one in ten men is allegedly gay. And if you believe that to be true, then you must assume that on any given Sunday, there is a gay pro football player on the field during football season. Plausible? Sure it is…if you believe that to be true. And if you believe that there would be a player with the courage to come out. In this month that Gay Pride celebrations abound from coast-to-coast, wouldn’t it be great if one, just one, would have the courage to come out? One NFL player, who is not gay, thinks it’s time, and that the player that steps up would be a hero to do so.

Connor Barwin, a linebacker for the Houston Texans, is the proud brother of Joe Barwin, who happens to be gay. In a rare interview, Connor speaks exclusively with on his brother, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Connor also speaks out on how he would feel if an NFL teammate were to come out.

What are your thoughts on gay athletes? Has the time come for athletes to open up and come out? Or are they better remaining silent about their sexuality. Comment here!


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