Kirsten Hamling charged with 13 counts relating to FUFK calendar scandal

Kirsten Hamling

As reported previously in this blog, the woman behind the “Fired Up for Kids” calendar fundraiser has been charged with 33 counts including theft, according to local news outlet Westword, and The Huffington Post. Hamling, who was president of the “Fired Up for Kids”organization is accused of stealing almost $250,000.00 in funds, and using them for personal use for such things as vacations, personal grooming, and school tuition for her children. Also included in the charges are allegations of tax evasion and stealing from a non-profit.

A large part of the issue is in regard to FUFK’s status as a non-profit. According to some insiders with the organization, the application for 501(c)3 status were completed, but never submitted. Hamling, in a statement released in November 2011, declared that the organization was a “for profit” entity, contrary to the claims of the organization’s web site. During this time, the Children’s Hospital in Denver, the intended benefactors of the proceeds, asked that their name no longer be associated with the organization.

According a portion of the arrest affidavit for Hamling, a forensic accountant determined that the total amount raised and paid to Children’s Hospital to be in the neighbor hood of $170,000.00; considerably less than the $400,000.00 claimed by FUFK.

Hamling surrendered herself to Glendale police on June 11, and was held on $10,000.00 bond.

What are your thoughts on this continuous story? We welcome your comments.


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