NC Amendment One supporter under investigation for shooting neighbors campaign sign opposing

File this item under the heading of daft idiot not too bright. A North Carolina man is under investigation by authorities for firing a rifle at a pro-gay marriage sign in a neighbor’s front yard. Add to this faux pas, the man video taped himself doing it. Until recently, the video was available on YouTube, but has since been removed.

In the video the man, calling himself “Alex,” explains that he “wants to have a little talk” about the amendment banning gay marriage in the state of North Carolina. He then fires two shells into a sign reading ‘Vote Against Amendment One’, in reference to a proposed referendum on writing a ban on gay marriage into the state constitution.

At present, the Kannopolis police department is investigating the incident to determine if a crime was indeed committed.

The vote in North Carolina to add an amendment to the state’s constitution defining marriage to be between a man and a woman found overwhelming support during a vote earlier this month. Opponents of the amendment vow to fight back, expressing concerns that the passage of such an amendment will ultimately hurt the state where commerce is concerned. It is feared that companies who could potentially come to the state to aid in its economic recovery may reconsider, taking with them jobs that could help the states flailing economy. Unemployment in the state hovers around 9.7 percent.

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