Lessons in social media from a galaxy far, far away…

If you are one of the maybe 3 people on the planet who have not seen one of epic “Star Wars” films, then feel free to skip over this post. But, if you are a fan of the blockbuster franchise, then read on!

When George Lucas, the innovator behind the films, began this journey, even he didn’t perceive the potential it had. The impact on film making has been incredible, and the legions of devotees are always looking for a hidden message in the stories told in each film. Love, betrayal, an un-quenching quest for power, death, destruction, rebirth, redemption…all these messages, and so many more, run through the films. But can the message of “Star Wars” have an impact on the realm of social media marketing as well?

The answer is yes, and thanks to our friends at PR Daily, we are happy to share the 5 lessons we can learn from “Star Wars” on social media. Let us know what you think.

And…may the force be with you!


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