One Million Moms marches onward…to the comic book store

The homophobic ideology of the grass-roots group “One Million Moms” continues to take aim at all things gay. Their target(s) this time? DC Comics and Marvel Superheroes for their choice to introduce a comic featuring the marriage of two gay superheros.

In a statement released by OMM, a division of the American Family Association, expresses their view on the comic as follows:

“Unfortunately, children are now being exposed to homosexuality at an early age. Comic books would be one of the last places a parent would expect their child to be confronted with homosexual topics that are too complicated for them to understand. Children do not know what straight, homosexual, or coming out of the closet even means, but DC Comics and Marvel are using superheroes to confuse them on this topic to raise questions and awareness of an alternative lifestyle choice. These companies are prompting a premature discussion on sexual orientation.”

The group is calling on their membership to join an email writing campaign condeming the company’s choice to introduce gay characters, and asking the company “to change and cancel all plans of homosexual superhero characters immediately.”

In recent months, OMM has taken aim at JC Penney for choosing openly gay comedienne and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, as the company’s spokesperson. The group also took aim at Urban Outfitters for including an image of a same sex kiss in their April catalog.

At this writing, OMM’s Facebook page shows their supporters at approximately 47,238 supporters. To learn more about their issues with DC Comics, follow this link.


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