Fox News many not be the best news source according to recent study

This item is bound to stir up some controversy, so please share your thoughts with us. According to the website PR Daily, a recent study conducted by Farleigh  Dickinson University in New Jersey determined that viewers who use Fox News as their sole source of news information may be less informed than an individual with no news exposure at all. PublicMind, the university group conducting the study, asked 1,185 random people nationwide four questions about domestic affairs and four about international affairs. For domestic news, people who watch only Fox News answered on average 1.08 questions correctly. People who watch either just CNN or just MSNBC got 1.26 questions right; those with no exposure to the news answered 1.22 correctly. The study also determined that listeners of National Public Radio (NPR) were the best informed.

Fox News has yet to comment on the study’s findings.

Fox News, long thought to be the media voice of the ultra-conservatives of the U.S., has often come under fire because of their reporting style, and most recently because of the light shone on its founder, Rupert Murdoch, in light of the phone hacking scandal involving his London base paper “News of the World.”

So critics of this study have questioned the method through with the study data was attained. Read more on the study and its methodology here.

Regardless of your political affiliation, or lack there of, we want to hear from you. Sound off, and share your feedback with us here.


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