Music icon Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees chooses a classic for his own memorial

The world has lost yet another music icon. Robin Gibb, part of the British super-group The Bee Gees, lost a lengthy battle with cancer this past weekend. He was 62.

It is being reported by British newspaper, “The Telegraph,” that at the end Gibb allegedly spoke of his twin brother Maurice, and requested that the song “How Deep is Your Love” be played at his memorial. The song, penned by Gibb and his brothers Barry and Maurice, reached the number one spot on the Billboard charts in 1977. The song was a track from the film “Saturday Night Fever,” considered by many the penultimate album of the disco era. The album has been certified 15 times platinum, with sales of more than 15 million copies, earning the Bee Gees a spot among the most popular albums of all time.

Robin Gibb’s fraternal twin brother, Maurice, died in 2003 after complications from surgery to repair a twisted intestine. The two were reportedly quite close, with Robin never having fully recovered from the loss of his beloved brother and band mate.

Have a favorite Bee Gee’s song from the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack? Select yours from our poll below.


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