Another music icon lost: Donna Summer dead at 63 leaves legacy of music, controversy

Her inimitable voice was the cornerstone of an era. Later, she reinvented herself shifting from disco diva to pop-music icon. In death, she was, is, and will always remain a legend. Donna Summer, the voice of a generation, lost her battle with cancer at the age of 63. Though she is gone, her memory, and her music, will live on forever.

At times in the hotseat for her conservative born again Christian beliefs, the singer’s career was severely impacted by comments she allegedly made in the 1980’s in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Ms. Summer was quoted as saying that “AIDS was a punishment from God for the immoral lifestyles of homosexuals;” a statement the singer later denied. To put the issue to bed once and for all, in 1989 the singer issued a letter of apology to the AIDS campaign group ACT UP, saying of the quote it was “a terrible misunderstanding. I was unknowingly protected by those around me from the bad press and hate letters… If I have caused you pain, forgive me.”

Another casualty of her conservative beliefs were some of her most popular songs of her heyday; most notable the hit song “Love to Love You Baby.” The songs suggestive lyrics and inferences conflicted with her religious beliefs, which lead the singer to vow never to sing it again in public…a promise she kept for more than 25 years after the songs highest popularity.

At the time of her death, some finishing touches were being made to an album of new music. Intensely private, the extent of the singer’s illness was not fully known. Arrangements are pending at the present time.

Here, courtesy of The Huffington Post, are a few of the tweets from her famous fans, and links to some of her most popular hits. RIP Donna Summer…you will be missed.


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