Tea party spokesman won’t be quieted by a “bundle of sticks”

Boston Tea Party event turns into more than a tea party

The city of Boston was home to a rather spirited rally by Tea Party supporters over the weekend.  The event, sponsored by the Massachusetts Tea Party Coalition (MTPC) used the event to “honor” one of their strongest proponents for their agenda message, Scott Lively. Lively you may recall, is one of the nations biggest proponents for the alleged “gay cure,” and has been linked to the infamous “Kill Gays” movement in Uganda.

A number of heated exchanges were lobbed between Tea Party supporters and protesters from the LGBT community and their supporters. At one point, one of the Tea Party speakers at the podium when being shouted at by protesters told the crowd he would not be “silenced by faggots.”

Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe


In other news of the event, a photograph of a Boston police officer clutching the throat of a protester is quickly making the rounds on the web. In another shot, the officer is clearly trying to obtain the photographer’s camera and its contents to no avail. The photographer, Paul Weiskel, got the badge number of the officer and question, and will more than likely be following up with the ACLU.

A spokesman for the Boston police department stated that the police activity was a result of protesters of the event charging the Tea Party stage. The MTPC had a permit for the event.

What do you think of the events of the weekend? Was the comment made by Tea Party spokesperson inflammatory? Were the actions of the Boston PD excessive? We welcome your comments here.


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