Taking the basics of product marketing to the next level: Miroslav Underwear

Courtesy of Miroslav Underwear

One of the most troublesome aspects of promoting a product is…wait for it; advertising. The challenge is finding new ways to convey a message that will not only inspire, but entice an audience. But coming up with that all important message can be the biggest hurdle. To be innovative, provocative, on-message, and appeal to the target market are a few of the key points. Occasionally, a company manages to hit one our of the park, and create a campaign that covers all the bases mentioned above…and then some.

Enter Miroslav Underwear; an Australian based company who has managed to create a unique advertising approach, and at the same time reinvent the concept of conceptual marketing. With their tag line, “Quality best appreciated up close,” they have created a unique idea that is a prefect representation of their brand. Check out the video after the jump and see for yourself. And FYI, while the message is a tad bit “suggestive’ in its presentation, the result is a truly “viewer-friendly” commercial. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Miroslav Underwear’s unique marketing approach


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