Help your clients to understand exactly what you do…analytically

Ah those awesome follow-up client meetings! Often, when you sit in front of a client, and brief them on what your efforts have or haven’t been able to accomplish for them, it is like trying to talk your way out of a firing squad. Clients are wonderful; they are the life-blood of your business, but when it comes to explaining your efforts on their behalf, it usually comes down to just one thing; the bottom line.

Now, there is an additional tool you can add to your arsenal that will help drive home the point educate your clients on the subtle nuances of what you are doing to make their brand a household name. Google Analytics is the most amazing tool to come along in a long time, and by following the steps attached to this link your clients will eventually think so too. But to share too much; else you will  make yourself obsolete in their eyes…and their business!


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