N.C. same-sex marriage vote could have ripple effect nationwide

Could marriage ban in NC spell end of hopes for other states?

North Carolina is the latest state to join the ranks of adding a same-sex marriage ban to their constitution. They would join 12 other southern states with similar bans in their state constitutions. Colorado passed their own constitutional amendment in 2006, under a cloud of criticism. The North Carolina ban is a bit more inclusive than Colorado’s same sex marriage ban; it includes civil unions in the ban as well.

With a civil unions bill in the state senate in Colorado, proponents on both sides will be watching this vote with a great deal of scrutiny; including Sen. Pat Steadman, the voice of civil unions in Colorado’s senate.

“The amendment will allow the people of North Carolina to decide what marriage is defined as,” said state Senator Daniel Soucek, a Republican sponsor of the bill.

What are your thoughts on this pending piece of legislation in NC? What effect will it have on future plans for same-sex marriage in other states? Weigh in in our comments section.


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