Final autopsy results in for superstar Whitney Houston

The sad, but not terribly surprising, final autopsy results are in on  musical superstar Whitney Houston. A few of the surprising highlights from the very in-depth coroner’s report include:

  • Abrasions on the singers forehead and nose
  • A cut on the lip
  • The bath water was called “extremely hot
  • A small spoon coated in a crystallized substance
  • A white, powder-like substance and a hand mirror

It also reveals the probable cause of death: ‘[Whitney] possibly overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.’

Singer Whitney Elisebeth Houston was pronounced dead at quarter to four in the afternoon but almost six hours later at twenty-five to ten at night, the temperature in the bathtub was still 93.5 degrees.

A spokesperson for the family of the music icon states that Houston’s mother, Gospel music legend Sissy Houston, is “devastated” by the results. Read more here, and view the complete autopsy report as well.

Now that the answers have been give, can the singer finally be allowed to rest in peace? Leave us your comments.


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