In celebration of our lil’ furry friends: National Puppy Day

Look at that face!!

Okay, let’s face it. If you wanna sell a product, almost any product, there are two things you can put into your advertising that will almost guarantee the products success; cute kids and cute puppies! Especially the latter; who can resist those adorable furry friends. And advertisers have long known that in order to get your consumer’s attention, nothing grabs it better that an adorable little canine.

We spend into the billions of dollars every year on our pups. We can’t seem to help it. The cuteness factor aside, it’s that unconditional love that gets us every time. So it only makes sense that in celebration of this very special connection, there be a very special day set aside to celebrate.

Today is National Puppy Day! According to their website the day is set aside to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring into our lives. It is also a day to educate on the strife of puppy mills, and to encourage folks to adopt orphaned and shelter pups worldwide.

We love our little furry friends…as advertising icons, or just for the love and laughs they bring into our lives.


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