Racial profiling: part of the conservative media? You might be surprised…

Racism in all its forms is still racism...

One of the more disturbing stories of the day, are excepts posted on the web site AddictingInfo.org, reiterating the fact that racism is not dead, but is alive and well in the the mainstream media. The tragic death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida has fueled both sides on the issue of race. Martin’s shooting by George Zimmerman has set into motion a lot of feelings on the issue of racial profiling. Did Zimmerman shoot Martin in self defense as he professes, or were his actions truly motivated by the simple fact that Martin was African American, and in an area that Zimmerman assumed that the youth was “up to no good?”

Media has a single function; to inform. Biased, one-sided and self serving reporting have no place in the mainstream media. Yet Fox, and similar media outlets continue to incite anger in a country that is still reeling from our participation in two major wars, a stagnant employment market, and a recession likened to that of Th Great Depression. The shooting death of a young, African American youth, or a youth of any race, should be reported on with compassion and sensitivity, not sensationalism.

Federal investigators are involved in the case at this writing, and are trying to determine if there are charges that can be filed against Zimmerman in Martin’s death. Still, conservative media is using this tragic incident as a platform to push a dangerous agenda. After reading the comments that were made, we encourage you to offer your comments on what was said…and how you feel this blatant racism should be handled.


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