Denver Post lays-off Parker, Littwin…more could follow

In a shocking turn of events, The Denver Post yesterday laid off two of its most popular columnists. Penny Parker and Mike Littwin, were handed their walking papers yesterday. In a move viewed by many as “the beginning of the end” for the paper, shock, sadness, and questions as to why are all many can ponder today.

According to Denver’s Westword Magazine, Parker is quoted as being “quite surprised” by her former employers decision, and did not see this action coming.

“Kick me in the head, seriously,” says Parker. “I knew nothing, nothing. My poor, 33-year-old boss” — business editor Kristi Arellano — “had to tell me. I feel really bad for her. This is not what she signed on for.”

The social media stratosphere has been exploding with fans of both columnists expressing their sadness about The Post’s decision.

“A man with whom I have rarely agreed but always respected, Mike Littwin and the woman with her finger on the pulse of Denver will be missed,” says one of Parkers Facebook followers.

Another states “I am about ready to cancel the paper!”

In spite of the surprising move by The Post, Parker says she harbors no ill will towards the paper.

“I will forever love the Post, but I’m sad about my own situation. They had to do what they had to do.”

Parker also expressed concerns that this may not be the end, and that more changes could be eminent.

Whatever the future holds for this talented journalist, we at Emphasis M&C hope it will include staying here locally. Penny Parker always had a true grasp on the local scene; be it in business or gossip. While the shock of the decision by The Denver Post will be fresh in the minds of her readers and fans, the courage, style and grace shown by Parker during her tenure with defunct paper The Rocky Mountain News, and her transition to The Denver Post, will not soon be forgotten. She has faced more formidable foes during her battle with cancer, and she won; she will win again.  We wish her nothing but the best…now and always.



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