Is the “Millionaire Madam” & husbands cries of poor reality or publicity?

Last week, the plea for a reduction in bail requested by the defense team for accused “Millionaire Madam,” Anna Gristina, was denied. In a maneuver by her new legal counsel, Gary Greenwald, the attorney pleaded that a $1 million dollad bond was “excessive” for a single felony charge.

“This isn’t a murder case,” Greenwald told the court. “This isn’t a drug case. This isn’t a rape case.”

The prosecution countered that Gristina was a serious flight risk, and that she allegedly has millions of dollars stashed away that could easily help her escape jurisdiction and evade prosecution. Acting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Manuel Merchan agreed with the prosecution and denied the request for a bail reduction. This just days after her previous counsel, a court appointed attorney, informed the court that Gristina and her husband, Kelvin Gorr, are bankrupt. But the judge wasn’t buying it.

“It’s based upon all the information that’s been presented to the court to date, and that goes to the risk of flight,” the judge said.

Gristina’s husband did no favors in dispelling the idea that their cries of “broke” may be a bit exaggerated. A few days prior to the bail hearing, the photo-ready Gorr was whisked away from court proceedings via private car with a personal security team at his back. By his well-tailored suit and designer sunglasses, the beleaguered spouse didn’t have the look of a bankrupt man.

From a public relations perspective, these machinations are not in Ms. Gristina’s best interest. What do you think? Write your comments…


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