What’s next now that the Jackson trial is over?

After the gavel what happens?

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray may be over, but the picking clean of the carcass won’t be for a while to come. By that time the jurors will have inked deals for television interviews, and a potential book deal to discuss their experience. In the wake of the trial, the only thing that seems sadder are the revelations that emerged  about Michael Jackson, one of the most iconic figures in the world; that he was a deeply troubled man.

So much attention was placed on this trial, and allegiances were tested. Many supporters fell on the side of justice for Jackson and his family as the real victims. On the other side were supporters of Dr. Murray; citing that the esteemed physician always put his patients first, and was indeed “in the wrong place at the wrong time” as he told the congregation at a Houston church recently. But now that this portion of the spectacle is over, the true drama can unfold.

By now, publicists and public relations professionals have been reaching out to the members of the seven men 5 women jury. In a short amount of time, can an interview with NBC’s Dateline or ABC’s Primetime be far away? With so much speculation about this trial, and its subsequent outcome, the media’s quest form the inside story won’t soon be satiated.

That is not to say that there will be some holdouts in the jury. Some will be contented that they have performed their civic duty, and want a speedy return to their normal lives. Others will actively seek out the media spotlight, and ride their wave of fame as far as it will take them.

Whatever path the jury members choose to take, the outcome of the high profile trial will not change. Michael Jackson is still gone; his memory forever changed by facts that emerged in this case. His family has been forced to face some harsh realizations about a beloved son and brother. And Dr. Murray, a previously well-respected physician whose reputation is forever damaged, awaits his fate. The judge in this case holds his future in his hands. The question is, will the judge be lenient and propose a minor sentence such as house arrest or probation, or give the maximum sentence he can give by law.

Either way, we in the media, have far from exhausted all of our potential mileage from this story. Will we every get enough from the tragic end to one of the worlds most famous musical idols?



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