Strategic Partnerships can be great for your business

Don't get bound up in your business

Had a great meeting with Chris Hindman and Rick Willett, the two web masters that are going to create an amazing web site for my client, Cindy Dassinger, and her new retail shop Scented Studio. They have such a great vision about the look, the feel and the flow the site should have. Very excited!

This got me to thinking about how important it is for your business to have a “go to” team of professionals. No matter what your skill level is in your chosen profession, there is always someone or something that can give your business that extra boost sometimes. In this case, it’s my client’s web site.

Chris is the husband of a friend of an even closer friend, and an all around awesome guy. He is also a very impressive graphic designer, and it’s been a great opportunity to get to know more about what he does…how he conceptualizes and visualizes ideas. His new/old partner Rick Willett just returned from an extended visit to Japan working with an organization  in the post-tsunami rebuilding. Combined, these two talented visionaries are bound to create an amazing site. And after our meeting yesterday, I have every confidence that the finished product will be stellar!

The point of all this is simple; know when to ask for professional help in your business. I am an independent kind of guy; and used to following my own star. However, sometimes that star leads me into uncharted territory, and I’d have to find my way back to the starting point. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to consult a professional in that particular area.

I can write web site copy like nobody’s business; designing a site is another thing entirely. Thanks Chris and Rick; hope we can continue this business relationship for a long time to come!


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