Jump! Magazine Shaking Up Local GLBT Publications

Jump! is shaking up the competition!

There is a new player in publications catering to the Denver LGBT community. Jump! magazine debuted in June, just in time to help kick-off the Denver PrideFest festivities taking place this weekend. This full color magazine shines a spotlight on travel, fitness, dining and nightlife in the community. The concept of executive editor Nick Mangiapane and publisher Kevin Hopper, a gay couple who moved to Denver from South Florida in April, will be distributed at gay and lesbian bars, nightclubs and some restaurants on a monthly basis.

“We wanted to expand our horizons by sharing this entertainment guide with other cities,” according to Nick Mangiapane. “We investigated the city and saw an opportunity to compliment the community with our glossy, classy gay magazine.”

With longtime publications such as Out Front Colorado and Gazette in circulation, the climate was ripe for a new publication such as Jump!. The aesthetic differences are just one of the characteristics that set this new magazine apart from the competition. The layout of the magazine is both hip, and easy to follow. The advertising to editorial ratio for this inaugural issue is roughly 45% ads to 25% content. For their initial run, the magazine opted for a run of 10,000 copies, with plans for expansion on that number in subsequent runs as advertising revenue increases.

The magazine will also feature photos of members of the community. The “Mad Paparazzi” section will feature full-color photos of visitors to local hot-spots such as Tracks Nightclub, Charlie’sDenverand XBar. Such features are popular with readers, and also further enhance the public image of the venue featured.

Jump! also offers an online option that includes additional content to what is in the magazine.

Mangiapane and Hopper bring their unique style to Denver after the success of Mark Magazine and the website JumpOnMarksList.com; the blueprint for Jump! and the subsequent website. With any new venture there are bound to be growing pains. But the duo is optimistic about the magazines future, and pleased to bring their vision to the Denver LGBT community.

“We are excited to be part of such an amazing LGBT community,” says Nick.


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